Second Meeting

Hello! If you have returned to read more of my probably inane ramblings, then I salute you.

Last week I talked about Swansea City and how Michael Laudrup was set to become the manager. Now he is! This is his first Premier League club, so I’m sure he’ll be wanting to prove himself, which will hopefully lead to Swansea success in the next season.

I also talked about planning to go to a Magic the Gathering night. Even though I knew that the players were going to be friendly, that I would be helped in regards to rules I was unsure of, and that I had friends going with me, I still felt the nerves expected before entering a new situation. However, they were quickly settled by everyone’s warmth. Everyone was just there for a good time. Memorable matches were played, new friends were made, and found Gideon Jura in one of my booster packs! For anyone not versed in Magic, Gideon is a card that is mythic rare, the highest form of rarity. Pretty good for the first Magic booster I’d opened in years. After such a good time, I can’t wait to do it again.

I’ve also been continuing to play through Sonic CD, and have reached the final area (not zones – the individual levels seem to be referred to as this). I’m fond of it, as the music is good, the visuals pretty, and level design interesting. However, it doesn’t feel as much of a triple-A game as the Megadrive’s numerical Sonic games, because cohesion and professionalism seem to be missing. The American music doesn’t loop, taking you away from absorption into the game world, and environments feel artificial and lack cohesion, elements looking as if they’ve been put there in level editing software rather than having always been there. I have another critique, this time aimed towards myself – I’ve just blasted through the levels and not used the time travel element, so the depth added to the game by exploration has bypassed me. Still, it’s not a bad game by any means….

….though I highly recommend you read this scathing review by Kaira Vice on her blog Indie Gamer Chick. Even if you don’t agree with her view, it’s an enjoyable read.

My plans for the (very-near) future? I am going to get back into learning Welsh. The hope is that, by the end of the Summer, I could have a relatively decent grasp of it. I would imagine fluency is far away, but to reach the level that I could hold a decent conversation seems achievable.

Whatever your plans are, have fun!

Cheers for reading.


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