Third Time…

….and I feel lucky if you have joined me again! It has been far too long since I have posted on this blog, and I have missed doing so. If you don’t have a blog, I recommend that you start one up. It is liberating to be able to share some of your thoughts with the world, even though you don’t know how many people will read them.

So, I will go ahead and update you on my usual happenings. If you follow football then you’ll know that the season is over, which means that I don’t have much I could say about Swansea City. On the subject of Wales, I promised last time that I would begin learning Welsh. However, I must admit I haven’t been taking my lessons. Therefore, from this point on, I will be posting a daily progress report on my learning of the Welsh language, as well as this irregular catch up. I intend for this to be entertaining for you and motivational for me!

Letting you down even more, I have little Magic: The Gathering news to share! I haven’t played for just over two weeks. In my last session, I managed to lose every match, so received the wooden spoon. Actually, to use that term would to do my prizes and benefactors a large discredit, as I received a free Avacyn Restored booster pack and a Yu-Gi-Oh tin containing five booster packs, tokens, and a foil Dragon.

I have been taking the time to enjoy some DVDs, so I’ve been indulging myself with Naruto, Avatar: The Legend of Aang and Gavin and Stacey. The first is an anime, the second anime-styled, and the last a British family comedy. A varied selection, then, but experience has taught me that – to use a cliché – variety is the spice of life!

Naruto is slow in terms of narrative progression, as I am watching the Chunin exams, with its differing stages, which is still going a season and a bit after it begun. It’s far from boring. The characters are deep, likeable – even when they are bad they are still badass – and there’s always tension and threat. Avatar is faster paced, but able to remain character driven. Something I particularly enjoy is that, in a show that seems to be about us vs them, the ‘them’ are humanised. In an early episode, we were made to sympathise with Prince Zuko, who was mistreated by his Fire Nation ‘comrades’.

I don’t watch much television comedy, but Gavin and Stacey is one of my favourites, despite having only seen up to Series 2, Ep 3 (excluding the Christmas special which is a bit further). It looks to me that is has a more focused narrative than most sitcoms, as it is not just showing an average day with some sort of comedic situation but every episode progresses the characters lives forward. This might be thanks to the series being short, as British series’ often are. Of course, there are massive thanks due to the writers James Corden and Ruth Jones, who have produced a show that makes us care about the characters, laugh with them, and shed a tear with them.

I’ve had fun sharing with you for the third time. I hope you are having fun, and if not, try and inject some in to your life!


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